Have you taken any “fat burner” supplements/teas in the past or looking to take some to “boost” your weight loss?

Would I recommend any?

Of course not!

Caffeine would be a good “fat burner”. But not in the way you might think. It have some effect on burning off body fat directly, but not by much.

Where you would get most benefit from taking caffeine is from it making you buzz around on a caffeine high.

Increasing your NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

Instead of looking at fat burners, detoxes, etc. it’s always going to come back to the weight loss principles.

Here’s a question I get from a few clients, and some mates that want to “get shredded”…

“What fat burners do you recommend?”

(Love it when my answers take people by surprise).

None of them!

Save your money as there are no “fat burners” on the market that ACTUALLY work.

The ones that work SLIGHTLY are very unsafe and you have to hunt them down in the dark corners of the internet to find them.

(These ones literally heat you up from the inside and can cook you to death)

So I will always defult back to calories in clories out questions.

Realize that long term habits and good old nutrition principles and exercise are the keys to weight loss and keeping it off.

Calorie deficit!

If you are looking for quick fixes, expect quick weight gain after.

You can do this!

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