Hey there,
The other day I put a post on my personal Facebook page and listed the things that make pull this face…

> Keto diet – Best diet for fat loss
> Intermittent Fasting – Best diet for fat loss
> Calories don’t count
> Its sugar that’s making you fat
> Its fat making you fat
> Whey protein powder is dangerous
> Aspartame will kill you
> Too much protein will damage your kidneys
> The Cambridge Diet, Slimming World, Weight Watchers (I have had “reps” from all 3 of these contact me to help them lose weight, funny that)
> A headband you wear for 45 minutes a day 5 times a week
> Eating too many carbs will make you fat
> Eating late at night will make you fat
> You don’t need to eat protein
> Fat burning pills
> I’ve gone gluten, lactose free (when there are no intolerances)

And some others added to this list too.

I say that in jest really.

But there are a few things on there that bug me more than others.

Namely the Cambridge Diet, Slimming World, Weight Watchers.

You may have tried these, maybe not.

I have had the local “reps” “leaders” and “consultants” from each of these approach me to ask for help with fat loss.

This really bugs me (more than Joe Wickes bugs me).

You see these people have very little nutritional education (that’s me being generous).

These three diets are solely business systems to sell their products.

Cambridge Diet 

I’ll show you how you can save money on the Cambridge Diet.

Jump straight to Step 5.

Forget about all the other steps, forget about buying any of their products.

Follow Step 5 for 2 weeks.

Record (honesty record) your food and drink intake. You’re only lying to yourself if you don’t.

Weigh yourself.

Any change?

If not in the right direction, decrease your calories by 200.

Rinse and repeat.

You’re welcome, just saved you £48.30 per week!

The other two are no better.

Slimming World

​​​​​​​Bananas are classed as a free food. Eat as much as you like, go nuts!

But mash it up…4 Syns! (doesn’t chewing mash it up in your mouth?)

A medium banana is about 105 calories (Fat: 0.39g | Carbs: 26.95g | Prot: 1.29g)

“Syns is shorthand for synergy – Slimming World believes it’s the synergy between the three components of the plan, ie. Free Foods, Healthy Extras and Syns, that makes Food Optimising effective at enabling weight loss.”

Insert my face above here!

My definition for “Syns” when talking to SW “reps”… “Surely You’re Not Serious?”

Honestly though, coming back to tracking your food and drink intake for weight loss.

This is something we see a lot and I would say this could be what’s holding you back.

The small bites of food you have throughout the day all add up.

You might think “ah, it’s just one Cadburys Celebrations” (leftover from Christmas).

Or, a coffee with some sugar (sugar is safe and not addictive. It just contains calories).

Or, your child/children don’t finish their dinner, so you eat the bits they haven’t sucked on and put back on the plate.

Or, a friend comes to your house/office and offers you something you wouldn’t normally eat.

“Go on, just one. You’re allowed one!”

Now, I’m not saying these are “naughty foods”. I don’t believe there are naughty foods.

Just all foods contain calories, healthy and processed.

Ever had a burger for breakfast? That was a nice burger!

Its calorie control in one form or another. Not saying you must weigh every grain of rice.

There are methods of tracking your calorie intake where you don’t have to weigh anything.

I know calorie counting sounds so boring when it comes to weight loss, but it’s the underpinning principle to the whole thing.

Here is a video I did a while back on a BBC documentary on what we call Under Reporting.

Under reporting could be the main things that’s making your weight loss halt in its tracks. (This is why I say honesty
track your food and drink intake)

Hope that helps


P.S. Here is a recipe book that we’re giving away.
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