Funny story that I woke up to…

Protein Powder Kills!


The newspapers and magazines are at it again.

Here is the headline…

Here is a snippet from the article

“Mrs Johnson said at the inquest she had become concerned over his increased intake of protein powders in the months before his death.

The coroner Ian Goldup recorded an open verdict, and the cause of death was put down as unascertained.
Mr Goldup did not rule out the effects of the protein powder and tablets that may have been “relevant” to his death.”

The reason why I highlighted those two words is because these are two key points as to why it cant be just the protein powder.

Unascertained = not confirmed or ascertained; unknown.
Tablets = no real mention of what tablets were taken other than “vitamin tablets”

So, because there were no solid signs or evidence of what caused this young man to lose his life they quickly shifted the blame to the protein powder and vitamin tablets, as far as I can see, just to give a course as there was nothing else they could say.

So, are protein powders deadly???

No they are not!

I am in the process of putting together a short Powerpoint on protein. This is story has come up I’ll be adding this to it.

In that story there is no mention of the amounts he was taking. And I would say there are millions of people having protein shakes a day. And a lot of those will be consuming A LOT of protein powder too.

If protein powder was deadly as this story makes it out to be that we should see a much high death rate from consumers.

Whey and Casein are two types of protein powders, these are made in the process of making cheese too .

Here is an infographic of how the company MyProtein make their protein powders…

So if protein powder real did kill

a) you wouldn’t be able to buy it so freely
b) milk and cheese would have death rates too

If you did have any concerns on protein powders from some of the bad press they get, don’t be worried.

They are completely safe and have a number of health benefits too (which I will be covering in my protein video)

Anyway, little rant over.

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