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Below are the 3 main programmes we have at 1st4Fitness.

Extreme Fat Loss Classes

These classes will hurt. You may even feel it the next day. But you will get results! These classes will take place every Tuesday and Thursday and will be in a large group setting. You will be pushed by me and supported by your fellow trainers.

With this package you get the 2 weekly classes. Access to a private Facebook group for additional support and a nutritional planner to help get you maximum results.

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Beautiful Barbells

Beautiful Barbells Programme – maximum of 4 women (minimum 2 people) training and sharing the pain together. A great way to meet people on the same journey as you and share the cost but still get the value of one 2 one personal training sessions. Each person will still get individual plans since everyone will have slightly different goals and slightly different starting points.

There is no additional cost as your membership at The Gym I'll cover the costs for you.

Your first session is free!


DNA REBOOT! Programme – This is the premier training program where your training and nutrition is planned out from your DNA results. As you know not everyone has the same DNA and not everyone will get the same results on the same training program. If you want to shortcut to your goals with a custom training and nutrition program, this is it! Get genetically upgraded!

Your first session is free!

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