Welcome to 1st4Fitness Online Coaching.

Day One To Your New Body!

The 1st4Fitness family would like to welcome you onboard and TODAY is your first day to getting the results you REALLY want.

Your subscription with Paypal has gone through fine and now that is out the way we can focus on you, your training, your nutrition, which will lead us on a journey to getting you your dream sustainable body.

The next step from here is to book you in for your first monthly meeting.

Contact me now to book in for your first monthly meeting.


T: 07773375666

NOTE:If you haven't had your free fitness consultation please book in for this first. I will need to find out more about you before I can put a programme together. This is a local service to Bicester. If you can not get to Bicester for your once monthly face to face meeting this service is not for you and contact me at for a full refund

Click here if you need to book your first free session BEFORE we start your monthly meeting

Your first monthly meeting we will go through your programme together making sure you fully understand your programme and how to implement it for optimum results. You may need to book in for a few one on one sessions to get the hang of the programme and how to implement some of the exercises for your optimum results. You can pay for as many sessions as you want through this PayPal button below.

Bolt-On One On One Sessions

(Once paid for you will need to contact Paul to book in your sessions in advance)

During the first meeting we will also talk about your nutrition and which method would be best for you. There are several approaches we can go down but ultimately you will still be getting a set number of calories in that match your goal and lifestyle.

Contact me now to book in for your first monthly meeting.


T: 07773375666

Once again, its great to have you here and today is the first step to your newer, happier, leaner, stronger you!