It’s friday so thought I would email you and give you a little run down on what’s happened this week here at 1st4Fitness.

Everyone has dropped 1kg of FAT!

Just imagine if you wanted to lose 10kg of fat, not weight, but fat! the wobbly stuff we all want rid of!

(Losing “weight” faster than that could actually be unhealthy for you)

All that could be gone in 10 weeks!

With our “non diet” approuch our clients are doing this pretty easily.

It’s a great feeling when I see our clients walk out of a weigh in and it’s all gone in the right direction and you can see how happy they are.

Now I would like to say that everyone has dropped 1kg of fat.


Some have actually dropped more and some have not drop any.

Everyone is at different points and some have more to lose than others.

And with our new group weight loss programme (which is in beta stages at the moment) these clients have lost and they don’t even get exercise programmes from us.

These people lost on average 1.5kg in a week each.

So, a question that gets asked a lot, can you lose weight without exercise?

Of course you can!

You just wont get the benefits exercise brings as a combined, structured programme.
(One of those benefits is you get to eat a little bit more than if you didn’t exercise)

Its all about controlling calories in one form or another that best suits you.

This is what we do best.

I could bore you again with the maths and science but I’ll leave that for another day.
(might make good bedtime reading to help you fall asleep quicker haha)

This week is the final week of our 1st4Challegne programme cycle and all set for some new starters next week.

Hannah won a space on our 4 week programme 1st4Challenge in our last competition.

In 4 weeks Hannah actually GAIN .1kg in body weight!

Oh no!

This is where we are different and you know above I said there was a difference between weight loss and fat loss???

Hannah lost 3.9kg of fat and gained 2.4kg of muscle!
(This is why we go a level deeper and focus on fat loss not weight loss. Weight loss could make you less healthier)

Here is the unexpected thank you card we got from Hannah

We had another client this morning, Mandy, who lost another 1kg of body fat in a week. 

Again, not changing her lifestyle that much, applying the basic rules to weight loss and… another kg gone!

Comment from Mandy this morning during our training session “I have never been this light for god knows when!”

You can tell she was chuffed with that!

So, if you are at a slimming club or on a FAD diet (the list is endless) or any diet plan for that matter, and you’re not losing an average of 1kg a week 2.2lbs each week (if your goal is weight loss), it might be time to look at your calories as a whole.

Anyway, happy Friday!

You can do this!
Paul Clutterbuck

P.S. Last few days to apply for our next 4 week fat loss focus programme starting next week.

Click here to apply

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