Its January and we are starting to get people contact us about getting in shape.

This week we have had many appointments meeting potential clients.

We have heard people trying and failing on the fad diets.

(I really should do a video on why people end up bigger after these diets)

More stories of people on the Cambridge Diet and losing their hair too.

But one comment that comes up a lot is…

“I eat healthy, but I don’t know why I’m not losing weight?”

Or some variations of that.

Here are the 3-main reason why eating healthy is not working for you

1. Your maintenance calories (eating the same calories you burn per day) is lower than you think

2. You’re burning less calories than you think during your workouts.

3. You are eating more calories than you think.

We could give you a few more reasons, but those are the big 3.

Just because you are eating healthy, natural, clean foods (when someone says they eat clean I just picture myself washing chicken breast with marigolds on) does not mean weight will just come off.

Processed foods and healthy foods all contain calories.

Therefore, when it comes to fat/weight loss we don’t have a “no foods list”.

If we can teach you the principles to weight loss, you’ll see just how flexible the whole thing can be and make it a little less stressful

(and by making it less stressful, stopping your cortisol increasing with the bigger picture of weight loss too).

So, if weight loss is not happening, instead of blaming other things, people, hormones etc, look at those three things above and make one adjustment.

Check in with us or yourself in two weeks times and see what/if anything has changed.

If not, make another small adjustment.

If yes, don’t change anything and keep going.

This may be a slightly slower process, but it can last a lifetime.

You can do this!


Here is a video I did about what we call “under reporting” that a lot of people miss

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