1st4Fitness Bicester Presents…
A New Approach To Diet & Nutrition That Tackles The One Thing Standing Between You & Long-Term Weight Loss
The diet industry is huge. So why do you need another weight loss solution?
Because you need to put a stop to the miserable cycle of unsuccessful dieting. Stop the on/off spiral. Find the missing piece of the puzzle.

You Are Not The Problem!
How would it feel to finally get to the borrow of your battle with losing weight?
The diet industry lets you down time and time again. None of the diets tackle the real problem that leads to weight gain, rebound, and yo-yo dieting. The stuff that makes you unhappy!

1st4Shape is different. It’s not a normal slimming club. Yes, we talk food, recipes, and exercise. You will lose weight. But 1st4Shape is much more… 

Who Else Is Tired Of This?
…spending time, money, and energy on diets
…feeling let down by diets which make big promises
…beating yourself up about not sticking to a diet
…the emotional battles keeping you from your dream body
…feeling confused by the diet industry’s messages
…waking up every Monday vowing to “try again this week”

You want to change all that.

What if we showed you the key to living life lighter and healthier… without “being on a diet”?
So What Exactly Is 1st4Shape?
Why should you sign up to another slimming club? Haven’t we just told you that diets don’t work?

1st4Shape is not a diet. It’s not an off-the-peg plan. And it’s not just about losing weight.
As a member of the 1st4Shape family you will get:

- weekly weigh-ins and a catch-up with the coaches at 1st4Fitness, Bicester
- personalised nutrition advice, discussed in consultation with you
- regular progress analysis using 1st4Fitness’s In-Body machine
- monthly face-to-face group meetings with seminars and Q&A sessions
- a choice of meeting and seminar times (including day times and evenings)
- ongoing support and guidance between meetings
- as many changes to your plan as your lifestyle and routine need
- access to our private closed Facebook community

Coach Louise After 1 Year Transformation
19 Months Later from May 2015
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If you have ANY questions about the 1st4Shape, here is my email, louise@1st4.fitness
What Makes 1st4Shape Different?
We want you to succeed. We do not want to sell you diet pills, shakes, or products. Our aim is to help you work out why you have had trouble losing weight in the past, find the missing part of the puzzle, lose weight and understand how to keep it off.

Our coaches are experts in nutrition, exercise, and fat loss. This is what we do full time. It is our passion, our business, and our expertise.

We will teach you about all aspects of weight loss. This is stuff the diet industry doesn’t tell you. It’s not just about food and calories. You will learn about food behaviour, everyday decisions, habits, and choices. Uncover your relationship with food and how it’s affected previous attempts to diet.

You WILL lose weight. But that’s not where it ends. We will help you design an everyday way of living your life with food so you can stay slimmer and happier. Food will no longer be a stressful focus. You will be free to enjoy the important things in life.

In short, you will get the results you want, and be confident and happy that you know how to keep them.

Is 1st4Shape For You?
This is more than a slimming club. We will give you everything we possibly can to support you in your weight loss journey. Nutritional mindset coaching, advice, recipes, support, and understanding. But you will need to do the work. 
>> It’s Going To Be Hard Work!
Well, yes and no. It won’t be easy, because you’ll be physically changing your body. But trust us when we say that weight loss is easiest when you have support, expert guidance, the correct information, and a wonderful community. We will make it as easy as it can ever be.
>> I Am Not Ready To Open Up About My Diet History
Then maybe now is not the right time for you to use this approach. But please don’t say “never”. Try saying “not yet”. We hope that when you are ready to open up, you’ll come and find us.
>> You Want Me To Look Deeper Into Why I Struggle With Food?
We give you that opportunity, in a safe and private space and with a trained nutritional expert. We know that when people tackle the real emotional root of their relationship with food, they have a far better chance of changing things for the future.
>> I’m Scared.
We think everybody is! Making a big change and being brave about something which has had a hold over you for so long is scary. But it’s a good scary. Face up to it and change it. We are here to help you.
>> How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?
1st4Shape is a rolling monthly membership club. We don’t believe that everyone loses weight at the same rate. And we don’t want you to feel pressured by a timeline. Stay as long as you want and need to. Monthly membership is just £47 with no joining fee and no cancellation charge. 
I’m Ready. I Want To Sign Up.
If you have ANY questions about the 1st4Shape, here is my email, louise@1st4.fitness
Crack Your Personal Diet Code & Keep Weight Off For Life
Are you ready to find out how easy weight loss can be when the right people give you the support and tools you really need?

We don’t want you to spend another penny on diet books, fat burner pills, or meal replacement shakes. We REALLY want this to work for you.

And it will. Let us show you how.

Yes! I want to lose weight and learn how to keep it off without living my life “on a diet”
If you have ANY questions about the 1st4Shape, here is my email, louise@1st4.fitness
Meet Our Secret Weapon….
A Note From Coach Louise
Hi! I’m so glad you found your way to 1st4Shape, and I really hope you’ll join us. I am passionate about this project and I truly believe it is what the weight loss and diet scene needs.

I lost 33kgs (not a typo!) in one year with the help of Paul and Hannah at 1st4Fitness. Along my own journey, I refined things to understand what works best for real-life weight loss in daily life. Together with Paul and Hannah, we turned it into something we can teach other people. Something we can teach YOU!

The key to it all? Stripping weight loss right back to its simplest truths. Only then can you work out why it’s been so difficult for you so far. You see, losing weight is not complicated. It can be difficult, but is is essentially simple. The difficulty comes from us as complex human beings with hang-ups, fears, and learned behaviors. 

Let me help you unpack your own relationship to food and weight. If you do that, as well as learn all the nutrition, food, cooking, and calorie stuff, you will succeed. Not just now, but for the rest of your life.

See you soon?
Coach Louise
PS If you want to ask me anything at all about 1st4Shape - how it works, what you’ll get, what you can expect - please get in touch. I’d love the chance to talk to you about it.
My email, louise@1st4.fitness
1st4Fitness @ 2016 - 1st4Shape Programme
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